The Gioìa® methodology allows us to remember who we are and to go beyond the limits of the human mind.

What is the training Gioìa® 4kids method?


The Gioìa® 4 Kids Method Training Path offers many tools

to guide New Age children!


It has a completely practical, operational approach,

suitable for teachers, educators and all those looking for professionalism to educate - to guide the new generation.


It is structured in 5 meetings each month, where you have the opportunity to get involved 

and experience the numerous and joyful activities directly.


The Gioìa Method® is the fusion of the dance culture and that of the holistic world.


It is a registered trademark, officially recognized as a sports discipline by CSEN (National Educational Sports Center ) CONI.

The training is recommended for:


The Gioìa® 4kids Method Training is recommended for those who:


  • They love children and they care about the present and the future of humanity
  • Adults are Conscious and Sensitive to Love to Mother Earth
  • They want to become a GUIDE for New Age children, helping them to express themselves freely, through the movement
  • They feel deeply that every person HOLD THE POWER TO IMPROVE their LIFE and want to guide their children to grow with this awareness
  • They want to be part of a NEW WAY TO DO EDUCATION where children can become the conscious co-creators of a Renewed, Responsible World and founded on Respect and Love Towards Self and All Living Persons
  • They feel that this message resonates in their hearts, they want to question and open up new ways to guide children in growth without judgments or prejudices
  • They believe that every form of learning is easier if it happens through movement and play
  • They love to dance and approach life by always finding new opportunities for growth
  • They want to work on the child's well-being
  • They are curiosity and interest in knowing new children better

According to neuroscience, the brain of children is much more flexible up to 10 years. Our creative movements that turn into "dances" put us in the best conditions to finally express it, integrating the two hemispheres and returning to unify the whole human being.

Gioìa® method helps maintain the child's innate abilities, through bodily movement, in synergy with creativity, awareness games and E.R.a.G exercises. (exercises of joy awakening) have positive effects also from a psychological, social and emotional point of view.


The original note is that the whole methodology is developed through the 5 elements, its 13 combinations and the main meridians, for a child's overall well-being.




Nature has a very important role for Gioia, since most of the activities are performed in harmony and in contact with it. 

Fields of application of the Gioìa® 4kids method


  • in the current maternal and primary school(with mentally and mentally educated teachers and educators)
  • in homeschooling,
  • in the kindergartens in the woods,
  • in experiential schools,
  • in the school without books,
  • in unschooling,
  • in the libertarian schools,
  • in all present and future realities of education, creativity, movement, education for children, in cases of hyperactivity.



  • As a recreational,
  • creative and conscious activity both at home and abroad, in summer centers,
  • as post-school,
  • afternoon activities of movement.



  • dance
  • music,
  • theater,
  • singing
  • etc.



Social Education and Reintegration


Laboratory time is 1 hour and a half, with a minimum frequency once a week.




Theoretical part

The AEG symbol (indicates that they are part of the pedagogy of art to educate with joy)

• Introduction to the New Historical Period We are Living (AEG)

• Who are the New Era Children (AEG)

• What are the characteristics of the new Children (AEG)

• The Importance of Awareness: Starting From Our Inward Balance (AEG)

• Our inner child: recognize and trust his guide (AEG)

• What to teach (AEG)

• The universal laws transmitted to the child (AEG)

• Quantum Physics (AEG)

• Baby's internal structure (AEG)

• The 5 Elements and Types of Children

• Anatomy applied to motion

• The psycho-pedagogical aspects

• Knowledge of the body and its motor skills

• Education by listening and listening through the movement

• The importance of the feet for general well-being

All the participants in the training are involved in practical activities, where you can experience the innovative triad proposed by the Gioia® method:


1- Moving Laboratories

Dances - Exercises of sensory perception in contact with nature - Cell stimulation exercises - Awakening exercises, exercises and games of hemispheric equilibrium through movement and drawing - Correct posture and body alignment - Space perception - Grounding, ect.


2- Creative labs (specific expressive ateliers) 


3- Play-KI (some of the italian and english book "Gioìa and the children of the New Era ")


Gioìa® 4kids Method Training Course (Closed Number)

• 90 hours of activity, divided into five modules where the techniques of the Gioia® method

• N. 1 Handbook with activities according to our methodology

• 5 CD containing 432hz music and Grabovoi numerical sequences for use with children

• Various Experimental Methods of the Gioìa® Method for Kids for the Children's School and for the First Primary School 

• The Great Mandala with the cards to use during activities with children

Practical part





Improvement of:


* self-esteem

* emotion management 

* Efficiency, well-being and vitality

* orientation in space and time

* perception of oneself


* Kinesthetic sensitivity

* learning difficulties: BES, DSA, ADHD, etc.

* posture and flexibility (physical, mental, psychological)

* Awareness of their motor coordination

* Tolerance and calm

* Respect for others, autonomy and responsibility

* recognition of one's own energy being

* the development of innate spiritual talents




The founder of Method Gioìa® is Alessandra Morri.


A teacher, who is a little drawn to dance and all forms of expressive creative movement, loves art, children and nature.

Over time, after long years of experiments, it is noted that strengthening body and mind unity is only achieved through kinesthetic development. His neuroscience studies completed the dagger. Integrate into the movement, specific activities that go hand in hand to harmonize in a global way, even the energy of the human being.


Always curious and looking for new forms of expression, she has experienced and found a new perspective for her life. She believes that our deepest need is to live in a world where peace, love and beauty are the main ingredients of this wonderful journey that is life, in order to recover its essential meaning, from the human condition.

She designed a methodology aimed at the development of the natural process of evolution: Gioia® is dancing to life and proposes a rebirth through the five elements, with the harmonious development of the human being as the basis of life and happiness.

The Gioia® method has a completely experiential approach. Born as a result of the fusion of the effects of body motion, music, through the next step, as well as complementary to art, with the use of color and other materials.


     Learning to dance life and to feel the silence reveals the hearts of people!


In 2010 she lives and runs the first holistic center for children at national level; this is the Pippicalzelunghe center in Rimini, Italy, where children can be themselves thanks to bodies of body movement, creativity in contact with Nature, and a pedagogy based on respect for their Essence (The Art of Educating With Joy).

She wrote the book "Gioia and the Children of the New Era" distributed by Macrolibraries and during the summer 2013 presented in the English version, at the prestigious New York City "Edgar Cayce Center" and "Meta Center" in Manhattan. Recently also presented at Mondadori in Milan.


Experienced in facilitating the connection of each with his own deep Self, she travels in Italy and in the world spreading an awareness message for a completely new education. He is also an artist and designer with the Isajoy® brand.


During the summer of 2013 during his stay in New York, Alessandra Morri was interviewed by I-Italy's editorial staff.


For all beautiful American Souls: this is the first book that clearly explains how to guide children to use their innate powers. 

The book can be found at the bookstore Unoppressive- Non-Imperialist Bargain Books, located at 34 Carmine Street, NYC , 10014 

(USA, contact Dina Vitantonio



The Gioìa® 4kids Method Training Path can also be created in other cities and country.


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